Order Picking

Use SIMMS’ order picking tool to record and process the picking of transfers, sales orders, and invoices.

In the Order Picking window you record the details of the items you pick. You enter these details either manually or with a barcode scanner.

Choose a Transaction Type

  1. Open the Sales menu, open the Sales submenu, and then click Order Picking.
    The Order Picking window opens.
  2. Under Transaction Selection, choose the type of document whose items you want to pick.
    For example, if you want to pick the items on an invoice, choose Invoice as your document type.
  3. Click Open.
    The Find Transaction window opens.
  4. Locate and select your document, and then click OK.

Next you enter the details for the items you are picking. You can do this either manually or with a barcode scanner.

Manually Enter an Item’s Details

  1. Return to the Order Picking window. In the Select item list, select the item you want to pick.
  2. In the UM, list select the unit of measure for your item.
  3. In the Quantity box, type the quantity of the item you are picking.
  4. In the Mfr. Lot list, select the item’s manufacturer’s lot.
  5. In the Location list, select the location from which you are picking your item.
  6. If your item is serialized, available serial numbers are listed in the Serials box. Click the check box for your item’s serial number.
  7. Click Pick Selection.

Scan an Item’s Details

  1. In the Order Picking window, under Barcode Scan (bottom left), click the check box for the type of barcode you want to scan, and then click inside the adjacent text box.
  2. Scan your item’s barcode.
  3. Under Pick Items, select and enter any missing information, and then click Pick Selection.

Print a Picking Report

  1. In the Order Picking window, click Print Picked.
    The Report window opens.
  2. Click the Print Print00175.png icon.

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