accounting periods
accounts payable
    add a credit card type
    enter a vendor's invoice
    print AP documents
    print checks
    process payments
    view AP documents
accounts receivable
    add a credit card type
    add credit card information
    change a credit into a deposit
    process a deposit
    process payment (Accounts Receivable Manager)
    process payment (Quick Payment window)
    refund to customer
    write off invoice
advance exchange
apparel colors
apparel management
    add apparel items to transactions
    assign colors and sizes to styles
    assign costs and prices
    assign styles to items
    set up colors
    set up sizes
    set up styles
apparel sizes
apparel styles
automotive maintenance
    add recommendations
    process a service request
    set up labor charges
    set up operations
    set up vehicle details
    transfer recommendations
    view recommendations

barcodes, print

chart of accounts
checks, print
company data base, create
company information
Currency Trader
customer return
customer's service and return

Detail Discount Grid
disassemble a completed kit

export data

fiscal year, close
    fill quantity thresholds
    fill sales orders

general ledger
    set up
global settings
    accounts receivable
    kitting (BOM)
    price calculations
    sales POS
    serial numbers

import data
in-house service and return
invoice matching
    backorders from
    batch print
    batch process
    create a quick issue
    process a customer's return
    view existing

kit schema, define
    assign book time user rights
    build a kit
    define a kit's schema
    disassemble a completed kit
    modify default schema
    specify a compatible
    standard kits
    swapping component items
    units of measure and kit builds

landed costs
    set up
    assign a customer to
    assign a vendor to
    print labels for
log in to SIMMS

manual vendor invoices
    manually enter

    dollar volume discounting
    markup price
    price levels
    promotional pricing
    quantity volume discounting
    standard price
purchase order authorization
    authorization limits
    purchase order approval
    purchase order budgets
purchase orders
    place on hold
    view existing


receipt of goods
    add landed costs
    enter serial numbers
    return items on
    view existing
register SIMMS

sales orders
    backorders from
    manually close
    place or remove hold
    re-allocate stock
    view close to expiring
service and returns
    advance exchange
    customer's service and return
    fix or destroy an item
    in-house service and return
    mark an item
    return from customer (RMAIN)
    return from vendor (RTVIN)
    return merchandise authorization (RMA)
    return to customer (RMAOUT)
    return to vendor (RTVOUT)
SIMMS Estore
    install and configure
    set up customers
    set up items
SIMMS Online
    create a sales order
    create a transfer
    set web accounts
    tool/equipment crib
    view inventory
stock adjustments

    create a transfer

uncommitted transactions
units of measure
user profiles
    add picture
    add signature
    user rights
user rights
user-defined fields

vendor catalogs
view a customer's balance
Visual Import Manager
    export data
    import data